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England Travel Information

Standing in the list of the top developed countries in the world, England has a strong finance and powerful military potential. Like many other grown nations, England has also a large number of tourist destinations, landscapes to introduce the visitors as well as advanced tourism facilities. Located in the west of Europe, England covers a land mass of about 131 square kilometers with the population of over 52 million people. Its capital city, London, is also commercial center and the highly populated city. The England area is separated into 2 regions: Highland and Lowland. Each one has its own geographic characteristics. The northern part is the highland region with a rugged landscape along hills and mountains. This region is also known as a mountainous area. To the Southern part, the Lowland includes a plain landscape.

England has a developed industry specializing in iron, steel, and textiles among other countries. This nation has experienced the advanced dynamicity of science and technology over the hundreds of decades coming with lots of scientific inventors and discovers making today’s technological culture a living dream.

Langley Chapel in England
Langley Chapel-England

The Uk has lots of attraction sites from amazing landscape features to the historic destinations with large rolling hillsides, mountains and wonderful lakes in the England Island. The well-known buildings with the unique, amazing, interesting and architectural designs such as the 17th century Langley Chapel will make visitors surprised. England hold one of the seven wonders of the world, the Stone Hadge; this is really a wonderful spot which every vacationers should spend their time to take a tour to there. In addition, the Saffron Waden Museum is also a worthy location to come due to its archaeological materials artifacts and cultural textiles.

Legoland Windsor
Legoland Windsor

Taking a visit to the southwest of the country, the sunny and sandy beaches are exciting destinations for relaxing with many activities from surfing, diving, sun bathing and adventuring into the beautiful marine animals and birds. Walking over the natural land, riding horses, and going camping with fine fire places and checking out the ancient stone walls will give visitors new fascinating experience. If visitors would like to spend time for family or friends, Legoland Windsor is great choice.

England has its own shoreline bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. Most of visitors choose the southwest beaches as their wonderful and peaceful destinations with great weather to stay away from the busy of the cities and to taking part many summer fun activities such as sun bathing, surfing, diving and snorkeling. To enjoy or discover the natural beauties, let visit the biggest national park, The River District; this is the house of many wildlife species, natural lakes and paradise beaches. Besides, there is a beautiful garden in Kent. It is very famous for its bright sunshine, various flower species and fresh smelling atmosphere of its eco-friendly plant life.


Travelers while visiting England can easily find for themselves places to stay. There are a lot of available restaurants exotic hotels and holiday houses. Moreover; to ensure the visitors have great and safe time in England, the hospitality services are applied advanced facilities even better then the tourism services. by government.

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