Friday , 27 May 2016

Heart Island Australia

In the middle of the 1800s, the location was known to as Lesser Minneford Island. The location was area of the (.2 sq miles) property bought by Thomas Pell from Native Americans in 1654. In Feb 1869, New York City have the ability to bought the island from Edward Hunter of the Bronx for $75,000.

You will find several versions within the origin of the island’s name. In a single, British cartographers named it as “Heart Island” in 1775, because of its organ-like shape, but the middle letter was dropped right after that.

Others sources indicate that “hart” means Middle British word for “stag.” One version of this theory may be the island was given the title when the was applied as a game preserve. Another version holds it’s named in mention of the the deer that migrated from the mainland throughout periods when ice covered that Long Island Sound. A passage in William Styron’s novel Lie Down Darkness describes the location as occupied getting a lone deer shot by a hunter with a row boat. Styron provides a vivid description of the public burials following The Second World War including the handling of remains from re-excavated graves.

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