Alaska Predator Fishing

The Salmon Shark video highlights the beauty and power of these magnificent Sharks. A 400lber first catch of the day, the captivating background of Prince William Sound, the contrast between the serenity of the surroundings and the vicious carnage that these Sharks unleash upon the returning Salmon will leave you in awe. The second Shark caught on tape is a nice 425lb magnificent beast, with more biting action after that.

The Northern Pike video is captured in the warm waters of Lake Clark. Our fishing guide Jeff Duck has one of the best fishing days of his life catching a 49inch watermelon on his first cast. The next three Pike were all over 45inches and the camera was there for this once in a life time action.

This is Salmon Shark fishing and Alaska Northern Pike fishing at its best. This incredible 45min feature is photographer Nathan Kimmell’s second addition on Alaska Fishing. The first release was the Alaskan Adventure & Fishing Guide DVD, a look at different locations around Alaska and the different guides, charters and fishing lodges. This is a perfect DVD for anyone planning an Alaska fishing vacation. This release explores a new theme; hard hits, sharp teeth, and long runs are the subjects for this fishing DVD.

25 thoughts on “Alaska Predator Fishing”

  1. Why do you fish for shark?! I do fish for pike and salmon and occasionally bring one home for dinner but why would you try to catch and hurt something so beautiful like a Salmon Shark?

  2. @blunderbus21 pike are delicious, and will kill every-thing else in the water, ducks,trout,muskrats, when they kill everything else, start eating each other. They are extremely tuff & hardy, they can live in sewer water, if need be.

  3. Why keep the animal..why not catch and release? Alaska is the last place on earth where man hasn’t screwed up the balance of things. Why kill the predators?

  4. I hope its not the same bear hunter by the name Jeff Duck that I know. He might hunt bear but its not for the kill, its for their sexual organs. he loves to put them in places some men would never think of

  5. Nice video. Howfrom3 I suggest you do a bit more research. Although I agree pike are an awesome fighting fish, they are known as a slough SHARK for a reason. I have seen them with fish of about 4-5 pounds in their stomachs. I have also seen them take small ducks in the water. I won’t be on this site, so you don’t have to do a come-back, trying to make fishermen (and women) believe pike only eat dead or dying minnows. Check it out.

  6. Even though I was their captive, the fishermen allowed me quite a bit of freedom. I could walk freely, make my own meals, and even hurl large rocks at their heads. It was only later that I discovered that they were not fishermen at all but only dirty-clothes hampers

  7. Pike primarily eat dead or sick/injured fish. They do not cause genocide’s for other fish species..
    The reason im “cranky” or “miserable” is because i hate ignorant people who assume that because pike are an effective predator, they must be killed to “save” other fish…idiots.

  8. i think i need to tell you that you don’t need to make foes with someone just because of a disagreement, next time try
    “actually they don’t eat other fish species” and so on.
    I do that when i don’t agree with someone, therefore people don’t call me miserable and cranky

    by the way pike do eat other fish in their environment,because a place i used to catch many smallmouths in is now over-ridden with pike and there are hardly any smallmouths left

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