25 thoughts on “Carlito @ Oceana beach party Lebanon, Hey ppl ThIs Is LEBANON!!!”

  1. Lebanon :
    42 % Christians
    / 47 % Muslims
    / 1 % Others

    Most of the people in the pool are MUSLIMS because this pool and beach locates in the south of an Sunni City (Muslim) called : Saida City

  2. and why do they hate israel and america?when these lebanese folow their clothing and language ,i personaly feel lebanon is jealous of them,thats why they do all what america n israel does! N this video is a proove!

  3. lebanese are assholes,they think they are very modern cool because of this,all call them pigs for watching their own sisters naked they find it fun!they just ACT lyk turkish and america,tutu get a life loosers

  4. for whom were all those battles before why did PROHET MOHAMAD sacrifice whole of his near ones and family members to give arabs THIS future?where these motherfucking bitches are dancing naked n showing off bodies globaly like free whores?such a big SHAME !

  5. mech lebelkon zenkhin la en 3am betkaldo ana chefet ktir belden ma chefet belden ajeneb ma 7adan byorkos 3arabe aw bi7eb ye7ke 3arabe ya3ne (ykaldouna) LE menkaledon ne7na … menchen hek ne7na metkhalfin

  6. @euromania100 Thanks for your nice reply,i am in Europe for 10 in years in Lithuania…Here i can assure you they hate aliens…and they hate Poles (People from Poland) …And they have a very difficult laws for foreigners…So if i sad something not good understand me….Wish the best…

  7. @Henri11313 im not saying that in europ you having a beter life noo its same everywhere is same or everywhere they have there own problems but ive been in leb every summer to i was just saying about the musicès coz its all about trance but in europe its all about techno and hardstyle and ofcorse eurodance toand ur saying that everybody hate each other! well i never see a europeans hate each other idont know where you get that from anyways im also lebanese to thats for ur command

  8. @TheYoyo9187
    are u sure you live in our palnt….our army was in birut we could destroyed all of your shity country if the UN and USA wouldn’t forced us to stop!
    dude we bombed your airport your bridges…..and we took parts of your land….we gave it back after the UN forced us to do it! we can destroy you in a moment but than all the world will say we are terrorist state and blablabla! aahahhaha long live israel!

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