25 thoughts on “Famous beautiful exotic places – aqua”around the World””

  1. my beautiful island home seychelles,i’ve travel a lot in the past 10 years but still looking for that place that remind me of beaches like anse source dargent,anse lazio,anse royale,anse forbans,anse bougainville,anse takamaka,petit anse,beau vallon and islands like praslin,la digue,felicite,north island,ile moyenne,ste anne,ile aux cerf,silhouette,aride,grand soeur,ile coco and so many more…….merci beaucoup

  2. @jityr2 yes the band that sings barbie girl is aqua also the band that sings this verry shitty song is also the dumb bitches that sing this piece of shit

  3. |’m loving your video – I just wish you had put “On The Beach” by Chris Rea as your backing track – then I REALLY WOULD have been in paradise. Thanks for posting it.

  4. hey, thxs a million for uploading this. song is still awsome after all these years and these pics make me wanna take a vaccation 😀

  5. there is a way better nature pictures video called gorgeous nature ultimate collection. That and this one are? the best on Youtube for sure

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