25 thoughts on “Hotel Maitai Polynesia BORA BORA”

  1. Bora Bora is beautiful, if you like this lagoon then you will be impressed with Aitutaki to the west in the Cook Islands which is spectacular with its lagoon. No, you do not have to be filthy rich to visit, the currency is the New Zealand dollar.

  2. Forgot to say, he made it ONLY for rich people. Sorry, but I don´t love somebody like that. What about the sumpreme values of equality and justice?

  3. @mettstein

    Another reason to love HIM is that he only made this stuff for rich people. Poor´s got to stick around in trash cans. So much for HIS supreme values of justice and equality, huh?

  4. I agree its so expensive, slow the prices and maybe more people finally have the oportunity to go there. Especially for couples this place its so romantic.

  5. I LOVE BORA BORA .. been there 6 times already.. nowhere else such water, such sky .. great people .. always smilling and very friendly. and yes .. MAITAI restaurant has the best MAHI MAHI burger. actually every dish i had at MAITAI was delicious and woth ever penny. i recommend this restaurant, hotel, island ant french polynesia all together to anyone who is in search of paradise.

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  8. yeah, it’s too bad it’s so expensive- that’s the French for you- but it is still a beautiful place- Hawaii isn’t that expensive and beautiful…not as great as Bora Bora

  9. if it is a little less expensive and more affordable,more tourists would have come and surely boost their takings.Why didn’t they think this way?

  10. Hey People don’t belive what they show because is not true polynesia is a fictional, uopian place, is imagine of paradise, but how we know paradise isn’t, it is only us fu…. imagine. life is brutal

  11. stayed here for a week, beautiful!! great place-everything was incredible, but all of Tahiti is expensive! but this is a nice place to stay.

  12. just one question…wht if a storm hits (god forbid) wouldn’t those hut on the water be destroyed? in fact wouldn’t the island be overwhelmed?
    great place, if only i had the money.

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