Lars Monsen Nordkalotten 365 (English Subtitles) E06P01

Norwegian outdoors expert Lars Monsen embarks on an exciting adventure in Nordkalotten, the area of Scandinavia north of the Arctic Circle. In this episode, Lars joins his partner Nina and an old friend to make use of the snow on the Norway-Sweden border, which is still there in quantity, even in May. Not everything goes to plan, however, and Lars needs to call help (thereby showing the viewers how to do it).
Due to these unforseen circumstances, Lars changes the location of his tour, heading for the lowlands which, in contrast to the mountains, now have summer-like weather. After one of his trademark canoeing-and-fishing tours, he heads into Swedish bear country…

8 thoughts on “Lars Monsen Nordkalotten 365 (English Subtitles) E06P01”

  1. Ha ha, no, I’m not on TV! I’m just a Monsen fan, living in Trondheim. Lars Monsen DVDs aren’t available with English subtitles, so I’m translating them.

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