Sainte Anne Resort

The islands of the Seychelles lie just four degrees south of the Equator, and 1500 kilometres east of Mombassa. The country is a republic and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Forming an archipelago that occupies over 100,000 square metres of the Indian Ocean, the 115 islands fall into two distinct groups with marked differences in appearance.The main islands of the Seychelles are in the Mahe group and are tiny island hideaways that offer an irresistible invitation to those who have dreamed of visiting paradise. They are a perfect wedding or honeymoon destination Winding lanes twist their way through swaying coconut groves, crystal clear waters lap the shores and the air of tranquillity attracts several rare bird species. It is undoubtedly the ultimate get-away-from-it-all destination where the pace of life has been slowed down a notch or two and where time seems to pass more slowly that at home.

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