Sexy & Beautiful Bahamas Beaches – HD It’s better in the Bahamas! The REAL Bahamas. (You may recognize this video from a banner ad). This video shows just a sampling of the many sexy and beautiful beaches of the REAL Bahamas. These beaches can only be found in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Some of most top rated and best beaches in the Caribbean and the world can be found in the Out Islands. There are beaches with Pink Sand, often used for photo shoots like Sports Illustrated. There are also the softest, powdery white sand beaches abound. Most are quiet and secluded, not what you typically find when vacationing at the popular tourist spots, or even Nassau, or Grand Bahama. Check out the offical website for the Out Islands at These beaches are some of the most romantic and pretty beaches you will ever see. These beach destinations are the perfect spot to get married. The sunsets are amazing also. Or, if you are looking for a romantic get away or honeymoon, many of our resorts in the Out Islands have rooms that are right on these beautiful beaches. If you like to snorkel or water activities, you can walk right off the beach to a fantastic reef or snorkeling site in many cases in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The offical website for the Out Islands of the Bahamas is Subscribe today to keep up on posted videos and exclusive travel deals.
If you ave been to any of these gorgeous beaches of the Bahamas, we’d love for you to post a comment about your experience here on on our channel. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Sexy & Beautiful Bahamas Beaches – HD”

  1. I spent several days traveling from island to island and trash is one thing I rarely saw on the beach. The Out Islands are heavenly. You can’t believe these beautiful beaches are so quiet and non-touristy. What an escape!

  2. cont. …..
    You will certainly have a much more enjoyable trip in the long run because they are not very touristy. Your dream exotic sandy beach vacation, really is in the Out Islands.

    And may I say, your dream wedding and honeymoon should also be in the Out Islands. It’s breath taking. It should not just be the best kept secrets of a few travelers.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Sorry to hear about your experience in NP. Give the Bahamas another chance, but this time go to one of the Out Islands mentioned on this site.

    The beaches ARE really very remote, uncrowded and unspoiled like you see in these videos. It’s just that many people just don’t realize they are here.

    All most people know is NP, Nassau and the other places like Atlantis. And the Out Islands really are not that much more expensive.

  4. These look beautiful. I went to Breezes on New Providence & it was aweful!!! The beach is covered in rubbish… but these look nice!!!

  5. NO doubt, You all really hit the nail on the head with that. It reminds me so much of the dominican Rep. Not to take anything away from the “Real Bahamas” ! But it catches more that the eye !!! Good luck

  6. Thanks for asking. It’s music we licensed through a third party site. The name of the song is “On The Beach” and the noted composer on this file is “Goze, Christophe (SASD)”.
    Hope you enjoyed it. We think it is great and captures the spirit of our Out Islands beaches. Don’t you agree?

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