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Honoring the Sea – Polynesian dancers Part2

This is the Polynesian dance performance at the closing ceremony of the World Festival of Sacred Music 2008 on 9/28/08 at Santa Monica beach. This festival brings music and dance from all over the world together in the spirit of peace and unity, only happens once every 3 years in Los Angeles.

My pics:

Three hundred artists will present sacred traditions from seven lineages of world cultures. The opening procession will resound with the festive sounds of the brass Banda Juvenil Solaga from Oaxaca and the Pasadena Scottish Pipes and Drums ensemble. One hundred dancers led by Kealii Ceballos and Sissy Kaio will chant and dance on the sands in reverence of Kanaloa, the Hawaiian deity of the ocean. Swing Brazil welcomes their guests Viver Brasil, Capoeira Batuque, Seara de Caridade do Cabolo Tupinamba and the Elders of the Diaspora and will lead us in celebration of Yemanja, the Afro-Brazilian sea goddess. Drummers and dancers from Burkina Faso led by Olivier Tarpaga and DAFRA will pay homage to the Yuroba Orisha. Playing a central role is Cindi Alvitre and Tiat Society. The traditional canoe of the Tongva, will be paddled beyond the breakwaters, carrying the offerings to the sea and sacred blessings to the four corners of the Earth, guided by energy of the Agape Choir and the rhythms of Remo Drum Circle facilitated by Christine Stevens.

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