Swimsuits on the Birthdaysuits (Nude Beach)


A 30 year policy keeping clothing-optional beaches an option at some California State Parks and Beaches has been revoked.

The State has revoked the right to go nude at San Onofre State Beach north of San Diego near San Clemente. The same policy that has protected San Onofre Beach, called the “Cahill Policy”, has been terminated state wide. This means that Black’s Beach and all other clothing optional beaches in the state park system could be closed unless we speak up now. Please see: http://www:blacksbeach.com http://www.trail6.org and http://www.friendsofsanonofre.org for more info.

8 thoughts on “Swimsuits on the Birthdaysuits (Nude Beach)”

  1. Hay, breasts are dangerous! We have to shelter our children from what fed them as babies. They need to watch more TV where they are safe. Its much better they watch murder, rape, assault etc on TV than see breasts (shudder).

    Nude beaches also mean lower teen pregnancy rates. Naturist girls are far less likely to get pregnant. We need more people so they can shop in malls and improve the economy…

    — Rolls Eyes —

  2. sad to say,…this beach has been lost to the prudes…my family went there whenever we visited rhe west coast…if we were in the L.A area…really pisses me off…I think the only one left is black’s beach…so sad!

  3. We are living in a time were our liberties are being taken from us daily. What is even more crazy is this not a “liberal” state? And I am a Libertarian minded person who supports self choice and self responsibility. If we take more effort to watch out for ourselves we will all be better. So let’s say to the state, stop controlling us!

  4. Love the train just before 7:00 in this video. Anyway, I support nudism and nude is not lewd. This country needs to grow up. Look at many places in Europe where nudity is so normal, it goes way beyond the beach in some cases.

  5. Mexico is losing popularity because of the drug wars. On a summer weekend day, Blacks Beach in San Diego can get up to 10,000 people – cothing optional and everyone gets along just fine.

  6. I loved the second person’s response and the mom’s response who was last. Our bodies are beautiful creations so to say its disturbing or wrong is saying that humanity is wrong. What kind of lesson is that teaching our kids? Enjoy the sun and live like every other creature on this planet! : )

  7. I wish there were more, and more accessable. Wonder if thats why San Diego is more popular for college kids to go or is it mexico?

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