“The Return to LA” Mrsdp’s photos around Los Angeles, United States

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Entry from: Los Angeles, United States
Entry Title: “The Return to LA”


“Hi everyone

Well, now we were back in LA and had done the Vegas-Dam-Canyon stuff so we decided to dedicate some time to seeing LA but more importantly David’s relatives! Weirdly, David had been to LA many times before (but never knew he had family here!) so the next couple of days was my thing really, my choice of what to do and where to go as I was new to it all. So, I opted for cultural, historical and sociological elements of LA…..mainly, stalking celebrities in their Hollywood homes on a tour (sociological); a Warner Bros Tour (cultural) and seeing celebrity handprints in concrete (historical)….. (David: And sitting in hours of traffic getting to them all: Sociopathic.)

Before our first proper day of highly embarrassing LA sightseeing, we went to Derek’s office to meet him for lunch. David’s uncle has his own business which has the exclusive right to sell Haas machine tools in the LA area. Then he took us to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Paddy O’s was LA elegance…with a plastic corrugated roof, plastic garden chairs and big tv’s showing sports but the food was delicious and the staff were lovely. We spent a good couple of hours chatting and drinking beer before Derek had to head back to the office. By this time it was late afternoon. Our hopes of going into the centre of LA to look at architectural structures were kind of ruined so we decided to call it a day.

Instead, later at night, when Derek got home, David, Derek and I all jumped into the Hot Tub on the veranda while June cooked us dinner. It was freezing outside but the Hot Tub was steamingly sweltering and sitting in bubbling water sipping wine under the stars overlooking the neighbourhood on their massive veranda was just fantastic. After dinner, Derek and June taught us how to play cribbage. I suddenly panicked and confessed all right at the start of the game…”listen, I’m appalling at learning the rules of a new game and my maths is absolutely diabolical, so please be patient with me”. There was lots of sympathetic noises and smiles and bizarrely I was soon winning on Derek’s team and telling David that he couldn’t do certain moves and everyone wondered what my “poor me” speech was all about!! Flaming typical! I am normally infuriatingly rubbish at learning rules!

The next day was our Warner Bros Tour! Woohooo! You’re in LA. What else can you do but play golf by the beach or jog?? Waking up today, the sky went black and the rain absolutely bucketed it down! Before the tour started at 2pm though, we decided to snatch a couple of hours looking at some architecture. So, we headed into the centre of LA and straight to Union Train Station. This place was absolutely beautiful and is genuinely historical!! It was built in 1939 and was a backdrop for the 1950 film “Union Station”. It is a really grand, huge station with beautiful art deco windows, tiled floors and a waiting room consisting of leather armchairs!!! (David: It was also used as a backdrop for Bladerunner… which is far more interesting….)

We also saw the huge LA Courthouse where OJ Simpson got sentenced (I forgot to mention in our Death Valley blog that we drove past the prison where OJ Simpson is now being held..for 33 years and about flaming time too! The prison is in the middle of absolutely nowhere surrounded by barren land and high electric fences. We stopped to get some petrol nearby which is when we learnt of OJ’s new home …”
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Photos from this trip:
1. “Court House where OJ went DOWWWN”
2. “Union Station”
3. “Sit here while you wait for your train!”
4. “Union Station Grand Hall (closed off to public)”
5. “Walt Disney Concert Hall”
6. “Where a Ghostbusters scene was set”
7. “A typical Warner Bros film/tv set of street facade”
8. “Clint Eastwood’s new car (the green one!!)”
9. “The Bat-mobile car or whatever they call it now!!”
10. “..sigh! just having a cuppa in Central Perk….”
11. “Boulevard of Stars”
12. “Some old bird with big hair….”
13. “Sean Connery’s footprints…”
14. “Hmmm…interesting…”
15. “The club where River Phoenix died outside”
16. “Where a load of them hang out…”
17. “No explanation needed”
18. “Jennifer Anniston’s House”
19. “Ringo Starr’s Home”
20. “Sean Connery’s Home”
21. “Where The Osbournes USED to live and filmed”
22. “Where Will Smith and wife USED to live”
23. “The Beckhams Home”
24. “LA at Dusk”

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