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Palm Springs 2010

Henry and I spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs this year with my folks. As usual I made a pest of myself with my video camera. Although I was unable to capture ALL the fun stuff we did, here’s a taste of our sunny desert weekend. Thank you Bill and Addie for a great time!


Barcelona city tours day trips.
barcelona best tours Gala-Dalí-Costa brava (Cadaqués)
(10 hours).
Barcelona excursion Costa brava.Barcelona best tours.
Culture — scenery Dalí
Two museums, one in one of the loveliest villages in the Costa Brava with an outstanding local restaurant serving high-end cuisine.
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? Taj Mahal, India [HD] ?

The Taj Mahal is without a doubt the most iconic site in India. With its white shining marble, the Taj is actually one of the most iconic sites in the world. For more info on Taj Mahal, India, visit:

“..The story behind Taj Mahal started when the Mughal emperor to be, Shan Jahan, met a Persian nobles daughter, Arjumand Banu. They quickly fell in love and married five years later.

By then, Shan Jahan already had two wives, but Arjumand would become his favorite wife. When Shan Jahan became the emperor in 1628, he bestowed her with the title “Mumtaz Mahal” — meaning “Jewel of the Temple”.

Death of the Jewel
When Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child, in 1631, Shan Jahan was devastated. Some say “The Taj” – as it is sometimes referred as – was built as a last request from his wife. Others say it was simply a way to honor her. Either way, Shan Jahan gave the order to build what would be one of the most magnificent tombs ever — one certainly worthy of his very own “Jewel of the Temple”.”

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